Why Choose Montreal?

10 reasons to choose Greater Montreal to expand your business!

Competitive tariffs
Highly competitive freight transport tariffs for trade
International Economic Agreements
More than 1.3 billion accessible consumers (CETA, CPTPP, USMCA)
Intermodal reliability and efficiency
Recognized for all modes of transport (maritime, rail, road and air)
Transportation by train
36 hours to reach 70 million consumers
Truck transportation
48 hours to reach 40 million consumers
The Port of Montreal among the top 5
Among the North American East Coast ports
Some of the shortest container dwell time of the North American East Coast
Qualified and bilingual workforce
Low carbon footprint
Lowest footprint from the North American heartland to Europe
Maritime strategy
Billions of dollars invested in companies and logistics infrastructures
Greater Montreal​

More than
direct and indirect jobs
More than
metric tons handled each year
More than
logistics and transportation companies in Greater Montreal
More than
in economic impact generated each year by the industry in Greater Montreal

to import and export via Montreal

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Why Choose Greater Montreal​?

Discover the advantages of using Montreal to transport and handle your goods.

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The Strengths

​of the Greater Montreal hub

​A fluid and competitive hub

The Greater Montreal area remains a prime location, a gateway to a competitive multimodal transportation network.

Major government investments to support economic development

More than $10 billion invested in road infrastructure by 2020

Operational transport infrastructure 12 months a year

Port accessible by the Atlantic Ocean all year round and two airports, operational rain or shine, world pioneers in plane de-icing.

Highly qualified workforce speaking French, English and more than 110 other languages

Greater Montreal is home to a well-trained workforce in a dynamic and multicultural labour market.

The Montreal Industrial Port Zone (IPZ), an essential asset to the economic vitality of Greater Montreal.

Being located near a port offers significant advantages for companies in the sector: job creation, optimization of infrastructure use and better integration into the world economy, always with a perspective of sustainable development in mind.